Titan in Action - Hobby Flight

MostlyHarmlessRC breaks a personal best record in his evil twin: "I had to post this video of my longest flight ever - a full hour using two 7000mAh Titan Li-Ion batteries in my DIY Evil Twin plane. Total flight distance was 31 miles!"

We are a young students robotic team an we take part at the international robocup soccer junior. We became West German champion and German open vice champion. The titan battery pack helped with longer lasting high power so we especially at the end of a game we where running faster than the others.

Trent from MyGeekShow was able to get an hour of flight time on his Bixler 2 with a single 200g Titan battery (3500mAh 4S)

"I cannot begin to describe how well these batteries perform in fixed wing applications, they have surpassed all my expectations. The weight savings these provide and power is unimaginable. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a better battery for fixed wing applications, if you are going to use them on quadcopters make sure you do your research, it gets a bit more tricky when applying them to mulitrotors!" -MRC

SIR HOOD RICH gets 50 minutes of flight time on his DJI Mavic Pro with a 3S 7.0Ah Titan Pack