TITAN and COVID-19; fully operational!

TITAN and COVID-19; fully operational!

Dear Customers, Dealers, Partners, Fans and Friends, 

We at Titan would like to pass our warmest regards to yourselves, your families and your businesses in this time of unprecedented uncertainty. Businesses and entire industries are being placed under immense strain by the COVID-19 outbreak and we have no doubt that the effects will be felt for some considerable time even after the pandemic has passed. 

Despite this, Titan remains open and fully operational!

Our staff are working very hard to ensure a high level of service and the continuation of business we all come to know and rely on. We understand that in some regions, consumer activity is heavily impacted or outright ceased. In sensitivity to this, we understand that some businesses will have no capability nor reason to purchase.

In contrast to this, we understand that in other regions, many businesses DO have a steady stream of custom through various routes and it’s these businesses that we would like to recall in particular; Titan is still operating!

We are operational at full speed, we moved all our production to people's homes (this took a lot of work) so people could keep their jobs. We are cleaning our offices like crazy! All finished products are locked away for 7 days prior to shipping to make sure they are 100% clean! 

As always, GetTitanPower.com and TitanEurope.eu remain open and operational. Any orders placed through these websites will be processed within a few business days. 

We are also on a special mission to help the people who need help most in this period; we are printing custom face shields for our local hospitals (by a Swedish open-source initiative #3DVFaceShield). We are now assembling 50+ face shields a day and are happy to expand when needed. 

Printing face shields

Once again, Titan extends their warmest regards and best wishes to you, your families and your businesses at this challenging time! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or business concerns.

Stay Home - Stay Safe!

Best Regards,

Trent, Matt, Tonya, Ronald

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