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Are you guys working on other sizes of batteries too? Like shorter sticks or smaller overall?

Yes! We test new cells and fitment almost every week. We have just released a new 7.4v nunchuck type. In the future we are looking into thinner and more compact options as well. We promise: When it’s physically possible at all, Titan Power will be the first to make it happen for the airsoft sport.


Your batteries are slightly too long for my gun, what stock do you recommend? We always recommend the PTS EPS Stock as it's an M4 stock, where all of our stick and nunchuck batteries will always fit. You could also consider the Krytac, or VFC QRS stock. We’re constantly looking for shorter cells and may have a solution in the near future.


Can you make custom batteries for Airsoft?

No, our production team is working hard to keep up with the current demand. We can not do one-off special projects at the moment. Please get in touch with Ronald when interested in custom project bulk orders.


Where can I find the dimensions of this product? Please go to the product page on the website and scroll down to the product description. All sizes are listed in both inches and mm. Check, check and double check before ordering!


Any chance to get Titan Power Batteries for CYMA AEP’s? Would love to use them instead of LiPos.

Hmmm AEP’s, that’s tiny. We first need to find the right cell size without compromising on performance or capacity. Not sure if that’s even physically possible.


Which of your batteries is the best fit and performance for ASG Scorpion EVO?

Currently we don’t have an option for the EVO. Same goes for the Vector AEG for example and yes we are aware. Working on it, stay tuned!


Which battery is best for a Gate Titan powered high speed AEG with M170 jet type motor in an AR15 platform?

Sounds like you need some serious power! Go with the 11.1v 6000mAh triple nunchuck and a nice PTS EPS stock. Can’t go wrong as it delivers 96 Amps output!


How long until you have a unit that fits small stocks like ARP9 or G&G TR16?

They just became available in Oktober 2020! Check the 7.4v 3000mAh Nunchuck with a split cell design.


Which 11.1v fits in an ARP9 without a battery extension?

Our new 7.4v 3000mAh Nunchuck can be your rescue!


Do you guys have Polarstar batteries?

Yes we do provide a 350mAh HPA battery, they are currently out of stock but will hopefully be available soon! They work for both Polarstar and Wolverine great!


Do you have AK style batteries?

Try our stick type batteries. Please note our diameter is 19.5mm, we don’t fit in all AKs out there but are working on solution asap.


Do you have any 11.1s that will fit a Kriss Vector?

We love the Vector. But we do not have any 11.1v option at the moment that fits :(


What battery would you suggest for a top cover wired AK?

A 7.4v or 11.1v stick. But please check our 19.5mm diameter. We won’t fit in all top cover AKs.


Which battery would be most compatible for an Amoeba AEG?

Actually all of our batteries, as long as they fit. Please check the battery sizes on every product page on our website.


Will this battery fit my gun?

Fitment is a bit hard to answer because of the amount of devices in the hobby- there are thousands and thousands of different models. We can't test every device, but here is what we know:

Battery Fitment Blog



Performance/ Power

What is the difference in performance between the 7.4v and 11.1 volt batteries? A higher voltage basically means more stress to your gearbox. Please always check if your gearbox is ready for 11.1v batteries. When compatible it results mostly in a better rate of fire (ROF) and trigger response.


My gun has a 20amp fuse, is the 11.1 3000mAh too powerful for it? A fuse is a limitation to protect your AEG. We can handle up to 48 Amps, however this does not mean we can't deliver less. Like 20 Amps for example. Short version, you are just fine with our batteries in this case.


My gun can't have anything over 30 AMPS output, which of your batteries is safe to use with this?

Our V7 batteries provide at max 48 Amps output (3A x 16C). however this does not mean we can't deliver less. Like 20 Amps for example. Short version, you are just fine with our batteries in this case.


Is the C rating that is described on the batteries description (16C), the constant one or the burst one?

It's the constant C-rating. We have a 48 constant Amps draw and our peek/burst amps is almost 100

Please read our full blog about C-rating: https://www.gettitanpower.com/blogs/news/short-and-long-answers-what-is-the-c-rating 


What is the longest lasting battery?

Simply the pack with the most capacity; the most mAh! Our 7.4v and 11.1v 6000mAh nunchucks are great and will last days to provide you a lot of fun and no worries about battery life.


Why not a higher discharge:

Our discharge is a 16C; We are limited to Li-ion cell technology. However our biggest battery provides 96 amps output. More than sufficient for airsoft. Are you also familiar with our “Beat Your Battery Program”?



What is the recommended way to store a battery? Optimal storage is at 30% charged. When it has been used and it still has capacity, just store it like it is. It only loses 1% capacity every 2 months. Use your charging cycles wisely, and get rid of your old LiPO habits.


Can it be stored with other batteries (NiMH, LiPo)



At what rate should I charge my battery

We recommend charging your pack at a 1.5A up to 1C max.


What’s the maximum voltage my titan digital charger should charge a titan battery:

Any 7.4v lithium battery (both LiPo and Lithium Ion) need to be charged to 8.4v to be 100% charged.

Any 11.1v lithium battery (both LiPo and Lithium Ion) need to be charged to 12.8v to be 100% charged.


How long does it take to charge my battery?

A 3000mAh pack would take 2 hours if it was completely dead.

A 6000mAh pack would take 4 hours if it was completely dead


How do you use your charger?

Plug the balance plug on the battery into the charger and then plug the charger into the wall. The charger is a smart charger and will beep when it is completely charged. Please also check our Youtube videos for instructions!


What type of charger is compatible with your batteries?

You may use any LiPo charger and you must use the LiPo settings. Reminder; always charge is balanced!


Will the use of an adapter to EU plugs alter its charge quality ?

No, this should not alter the charge quality.


How long until the battery dies?

This will depend on your style; you can play for multiple days, maybe even a week with our 6000mAh packs


What kind of connector do you use?

Our batteries come in both small-Tamiya connectors (Dimensions: 9.9mm x 5.4mm x 22mm (about 3/8" x 7/32" x 7/8") or the Airsoft T-Plugs from the factory.


How do I know what connector is for my gun?

Please check these pictures, the first picture is a Tamiya connector, the second is a T-plug / Deans connector.



Tamiya Connector  T-Plug/Deans Connector



LiPo vs Li-Ion

Is your 7.4/11.1 rate of fire equivalent to the LiPo 7.4/11.1

Yes! With a version 7 or newer our Beat Your Battery program means that we will outperform a LiPo of similar size and voltage based on the rate of fire. If you’re not satisfied you will get your money back.


I’m thinking of switching batteries, do you guys have a video showing the pro v cons of Li-Ion vs LiPo?

You still need a video for that? Go grab some, we won’t disappoint. If you’re hesitant, check out our Beat Your Battery Program!




Should I use a mosfet with an 11.1v AEG?

Yes, a mosfet is recommended for a 11.1v setup.


Where can I get a Titan patch?

Check our website!! [link to patch here, USA store]


Do you guys sponsor teams and players?

We do! But we carefully select them since we are “just” a battery company we need to spend our marketing budget wisely. Where we can we support the community with sponsored giveaways, events, teams and players…


What’s your biggest hurdle with selling batteries? Especially in airsoft?

People are stuck in what they are used to in the past. Using old technology like NIMH or even NICD, while great next generation technology is available today.


How do I check what Titan version I have?

Check the serial number on the battery and the last 2 digits should be something like V6 or V7 for example.

Customer Service

Can you solder the wiring connection differently so they have less chance of breaking off?

We did already make some improvements there and we will continue to make it stronger on our next version. Our CEO will do some chin ups on the wires!


So I had a positive wire pop off of one of y’alls nunchuck batteries, do I just return it to you?

Sorry to hear that. Please use our online warranty form at https://www.gettitanpower.com/pages/warranty-claim. All of our batteries come with a 1 year no questions asked warranty.


I purchased the wrong battery, how can I return it? As long as the battery is in new condition please send an email to contact@gettitanpower.com and they will send you our Product Return form and instructions.  


Do you have a warranty on your products?

Yes, all of our batteries come with a 1 year no questions asked warranty.


If I modify the battery, including changing the connector, will the warranty still cover the battery?

No, if you modify the battery then the warranty will become void. Please note that most of our batteries come in both Tamiya and T-plug / Deans so you shouldn’t have to modify the connector.


What is the Beat Your Battery program?

With a version 7 or newer our Beat Your Battery program means that we will outperform a LiPo of similar size and voltage based on the rate of fire. If you’re not satisfied you can return your battery and get your money back.


Where do I find the serial number?

The serial number is written directly on the battery and should follow this format: US1143v7 (the numbers will vary depending on the battery style and version).


What does Titan do for Shipping?

United States - Titan uses UPS Ground (5-7 days) to ship to our US customers from our warehouse in Idaho.

Rest of World - Titan uses UPS and FedEx (3 to 5 business days) to our customers outside the US from our warehouse in the USA.


Why did my order come in two shipments?

Our inventory is separated into multiple warehouses across the USA. If one warehouse doesn’t have everything, your order will be split and you will receive it in two shipments (hopefully arriving around the same time).


What does it mean when the website shows that the item is on Pre-Order?

Typically this means that we are producing a new version of this item and it is currently out of stock. We try to keep the website updated with the current expected availability date. If you have an item on pre-order we will ship the whole order once every item is available.





What battery should I use?
If you're using Titan for planes or drones, use our flight battery calculator.

What is the minimum voltage of these packs?
Lithium Ion batteries can be safely used down to 2.5v per cell (example: 7.5v for a 3S/11.1v or 10v for a 4S/14.8v). This would leave the pack at 0% capacity. When we use our packs, we usually stop at 2.8v to 3.0v per cell, leaving about 5-10% of the capacity left. This keeps the packs a little cooler, prevents rapid voltage drop, and increasing the longevity of the pack.

What charger do I use for a Lithium Ion pack?
Luckily, Lithium Ion packs can be charged with the exact same charger and with the same settings as you use on LiPo batteries. Typically we charge them a little slower than a LiPo (0.5 to 1C) to get their maximum performance.

How many cycles can I expect from these batteries?
Lifetime depends on use style, the below are guidelines and should result in about 70% to 80% of it's original capacity:
500+ cycles - light use: low discharge rates (<1C), keeping the pack between 10% and 90% charged, proper pack storage when not in use (about 30% SOC).
300 cycles - standard use: above maximum discharge rates, ending the pack's use at 10% (about 2.9v), proper pack storage when not in use (about 30% SOC).
100 cycles - hard use: consistent use at maximum discharge rates, going to minimum voltage during use, stored at full or empty capacity, etc.
<100 cycles - excessive use: consistent use beyond maximum discharge rates, going to minimum voltage during use, stored at full or empty capacity, etc.

Can I get a pack fitted with a different connector?
Titan uses the following connectors for our packs (see below), we don't currently have the capability to change the connectors for a single order. Please contact us if you'd like to recommend a connector or if you'd like to make a custom order.
Flight Packs: XT60
Airsoft Packs: Mini Tamiya, Deans (T-Connector)

Can you make a custom pack?
We are able to make packs in nearly any size or shape. Cost is determined on number of cells in the pack, the number of units ordered, connectors chosen, etc. Lead time is usually 3-4 weeks depending on the order, but can be as fast as a few days if needed. To learn more, visit our Commercial UAV page or contact us and we'll work with you on a solution.

Do you have a pack that can discharge faster than 9 minutes?
If you current LiPo setup lasts less than 9 minutes unfortunately Titan won't work for you, the Lithium Ion technology just isn't there yet. Even our Fast Discharge packs would overheat and wouldn't give you an increased use time. Use our flight battery calculator to see if our packs would work for your application.

Does Titan have a reseller program?
Yes! Please contact us and we'll create a discount structure based on your location, order quantity, market you are merchandising Titan on, etc.

Where are you located?
Our headquarters are located in Arkansas, USA. We have three warehouses: two in the USA (Arkansas and Idaho). We recently closed our UK warehouse, but are building a better solution by August 2017. Our production facility is in Shenzhen China. Learn more about Titan here.

Where does Titan ship?
Titan ships to most countries worldwide. The countries we cannot currently ship to are: Iran, North Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kosovo, Oman, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, South Sudan, Côte d'Ivoire, Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Somalia, Cambodia, Lebanon, Myanmar, South America, and Mexico. These next countries have had difficulty in the past due to local customs, but may still be possible to ship: Burundi, Niger, Central African Republic, Liberia, Sudan, and Indonesia.

My International Tracking Number Isn't Active Yet!
Many of our international orders have to go by cargo aircraft to the local region then delivered by a local carrier. This local carrier is the tracking number you received, once the package arrives in your region, the tracking number will become active. This process can take up to 10 business days. If it hasn't arrived by then, we will open an investigation with the shipping company to find out it's location.

How much does shipping cost?
We recently closed our UK warehouse, but are working on another solution by August 2017
United States - most packages cost about $7 to $15 depending on weight. Its about $4 per battery (on average)
Rest of World - most packages cost about $85 depending on weight.

What does Titan do for Shipping?
United States - Titan uses USPS Priority (1 - 3 days) and UPS Ground (2 - 5 days) to ship to our US customers from our warehouse in Idaho.
Rest of World - Titan uses UPS and FedEx (3 to 5 working days) to our customers outside the US from our warehouse in USA.

How does Titan get Dangerous Goods into my country?
As Lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods by IATA we work with UPS and FedEx and other regional air carriers to get our packs legally imported into your country.