About us

Titan exists to bring the most advanced Lithium Ion batteries and other power technologies to the world of Airsoft, Flight, and Electric Vehicles. Our headquarters, production, and new product development teams are located in Pocatello Idaho, USA. We also have teams in Bentonville Arkansas, Tilburg Netherlands, and Shenzhen China. Our products are distributed throughout the world via our warehouses and distributor relationships.

Airsoft - Power Your Game
Our airsoft team has three objectives:
1 - Design and build world class batteries.
2 - Keep our prices in the budget of most players.
3 - Make our products available in as many locations as possible.

Flight - Defy Gravity
Our flight team is dedicated to building partnerships with our customers to design and build power solutions that meet their exact needs. We do this by:
1 - Being cell selection experts through extensive cell testing and sourcing
2 - Understanding the unique engineering requirements of each application
3 - Designing and building perfect solutions, including in house battery management systems
4 - Extensive quality control and performance testing
5 - Continued support throughout shipping, integration, use, warranty, etc.

Trent Clawson
President and Chief Engineer

Jon Casperson
Senior Engineer
Production Manager

Tonya Bingham
Controller and Company Administrator

Derick Moose
Production, Supply Chain, and Operations Manager

Division Experts and Sales
Ronald Meeuwissen
VP of Airsoft Sales, Operations, Distribution

Matt Horner
Airsoft Expert and Business Consultant

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