Capability Statement

Titan Power is a premier provider of mission-critical Lithium battery solutions and advanced energy technologies tailored for government and commercial UAVs. With headquarters and production facilities in Pocatello, Idaho, and additional teams in Bentonville, Arkansas, and Tilburg, Netherlands, we ensure global accessibility and seamless distribution.

Our Flight division excels in collaborative partnerships, offering expert cell selection, bespoke engineering solutions, rigorous quality control, and comprehensive lifecycle support. Additionally, our consumer battery products for the Airsoft market are ideal for force-on-force training.

At Titan, we redefine possibilities and elevate performance across every sector we serve.

  • Mission-Critical Custom Battery Solutions

    Expertly designed, high-performance batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation and enhanced safety

  • Custom UAV Battery Solutions

    Tailored batteries for meeting specific operational needs with superior performance and extended flight times

  • Drone Battery Manufacturing

    Advanced capabilities for producing durable, efficient, high-quality drone batteries that comply with stringent standards

Primary NAICS & PSC Code

335910 - Battery Manufacturing (P)

6140 - Batteries, Rechargeable

  • Certified Quality

    Using UN38.3-certified Lithium Ion cells ensures longevity and reliability

  • Domestic Production

    Guarantee superior quality and short lead times for all order sizes

  • Customization

    Tailored battery solutions for diverse requirements, with unrivaled expertise in industrial drones and UAVs

  • 80% Increased Flight Time

    Up to 80% longer flight time over standard Lithium Polymer batteries

  • Industry Expertise

    Specialized solutions for industrial drones and UAVs

  • Expert Management & Compliance

    Safe, efficient, and reliable power solutions adhering to global regulations

Company Snapshot

Gov. Business POC: Jon Casperson, Vice President
Phone: (208) 242-2251 ext. 702
Address: 3309 US-30 W, Pocatello, ID 83201
Work Area: Worldwide

  • RapidFlight, LLC

    Location: Manassas, VA
    Start Date: 08/30/2022 - Ongoing
    Details: Designing & manufacturing custom batteries
    Value: 241,874.59/Annually

  • Aevex Aerospace

    Location: Tampa, FL
    Start Date: 04/20/2022 - Ongoing
    Details: Designing & manufacturing custom batteries
    Value: $4,127,679.97/Annually

  • Ascent Aerosystems

    Location: Wilmington, MA
    Start Date: 04/03/2018 - Ongoing
    Details: Designing & manufacturing custom batteries
    Value: $466,475.60/Annually