Airsoft T-Plugs getting more popular

Airsoft T-Plugs getting more popular

Titan has been proud partner and early adopter of the Airsoft T-Plug initiative. All our batteries are sold from the factory in both small Tamiya and with Airsoft T-Plugs (Deans). We promote usage of the T-Plugs for all players, simply because it's a better connector! Better in ways of durability, efficiency, size, less resistance, more performance etc.

Airsoft T-Plugs

The initiative started short after IWA 2019, meanwhile we have some interesting statistics to share! That for the first time ever, Titan Power sold more Airsoft T-Plugs than Tamiya globally. T-Plugs are sold 18% more compare to mini tamiya, since the Version 7 launch at Shot Show (early januari 2020). 

Last year Airsoft T-Plugs was 37% of USA production, this year the T-Plug is 54% of our USA production! 

We are exited and happy to see the switch is happening, actually faster then we expected. A really great improvement for the Airsoft community and we are happy we could contribute to it. Besides, we also asked our Instagram fans, did you know already 80% of them already switched!? That's awesome!

Support the initiative by signing the petition, together we keep pushing!

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