Another Shipping Update

We've continued to have trouble with Royal Mail destroying our orders despite our best efforts to resolve the issue. We've finally determined that using Royal Mail outside the UK and EU isn't going to be a good way to mail our products. 

Temporarily, we'll be doing shipments according to location: 
USA - USPS and UPS - from USA Warehouse 
UK & EU - Royal Mail - from UK Warehouse 
Rest of World - UPS - from USA Warehouse 

What this means to you:
If you're in the USA, UK or EU, nothing will change.
If you're outside these countries, shipping will be much higher (starting at $42)

How long will this be like this? 
We can't say for sure, but we hope to have a better solution this summer (of 2017). It will take some time, but we're spending time every single day looking for a good option. 

Why this is happening:
Since we are shipping Lithium batteries that are not installed in a product we're being identified as shipping Fully Regulated Dangerous Goods, a class of product that requires air carriers to ship our products in cargo aircraft only. Royal Mail and USPS won't carry these.

Thank you for your patience,


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