Exclusive interview by AusGel Australia

Exclusive interview by AusGel Australia

Today we have a nice piece to watch or listen to. Titan Power’s CEO and Chief Engineer Trent Clawson and head of sales from the Airsoft Division Ronald Meeuwissen did an exclusive interview for our partner AusGel from Australia. Enjoy the Podcast!

What we talk about? Batteries off course! We talk about Titan; our rich history and special projects we did in the past. The USA production facility, our team, Airsoft, GelBlasters, Airsoft T-plugs and we answer many user questions. Last but not least; we talk about our Version 8!

YES! Already our 8th generation with another great set of improvements to all our battery packs for Airsoft. A soft launch, available worldwide before the end of the year 2020!



We would like to thank Dan Tyne of AusGel for this interview and professional setup. Hope you guys enjoy it! When having more questions, please use the comment section on this blog or hit us up on social media. A direct link to the YouTube video can be found here.

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