New Cells, Titan is Ready to Work!

New Cells, Titan is Ready to Work!

Hello from the Titan Flight team! 

Summary - Short Story
Covid and rapid growth in the EV market has dramatically affected lithium ion cell prices and availability. Titan has searched the earth for new options and invested in new cell testing equipment to determine performance. We've identified new partners and secured new cells to add to our list of options. We're ready to use this new information and build the best pack for your team!

Full Details - Long Story

Unprecedented Times - covid and the expanding EV market

This year has been totally unprecedented for the Lithium Ion market due to two major factors: covid and the rapidly expanding EV market. Covid has affected global supply chains (things never seemed to settle down after Chinese New Year) and the EV market has bought up many of the production lines that typically build 18650 cells and converted them to formats for EV applications. These two factors have dramatically reduced battery availability to companies throughout the world, including Titan. This has driven up costs and forced us to consider other cell options due to low availability. 

New Cell Testing Equipment

To get accurate information we invested thousands of dollars into new cell testing equipment that has given us high accuracy and repeatability. Long story short - we have more data than ever before and we're more confident than ever in our results. We're able to predict performance with near perfect results and can design a pack that will meet your exact needs from an extensive catalogue of cell options.

Our Findings To Date

We've worked with companies throughout the world to identify new manufacturers and have tested their cells, and we're impressed with what we've found. In the past we stuck nearly completely to Sony, Panasonic and LG. New partners like Molicel, Sinowatt, BAK, and others give us excellent options at reasonable costs. For example:

Endurance Cells - The Molicel M35A meets and in some aspects outperforms the Panasonic GA
Titan Molicel M35A

Fast Discharge Cells - The Sinowatt 30SP nearly matches the Sony VTC6 in every way, but is currently 1/3 the cost.
Titan Sinowatt 30SP

New Tier of Discharge Rates - The Molicel P26A is able to endure higher discharge than we've seen before, able to hit 14.1A and maintain 3.5V, vs the previous leader Sony VTC6 at 13.6A. 
Titan Molicel P26A

We're Ready to Work

With our new information and expanded options we are ready to personally work with you and your team to build a perfect battery solution to achieve your specific application. Reach out to us and we'll get to work!

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