Popular Airsoft Brands Tier List

Popular Airsoft Brands Tier List

People directed us to this movie. We are getting positive feedback daily, which is great! However this video was awesome to hear! And we would like to share this with everybody :) 

Airsoft Reviews

You might have heard of the US Youtube Channel Reventian? It's an almost 100k channel with a huge variety of Airsoft video's; from reviews to gameplay, load-outs and event coverage. In his latest video he went for a popular Airsoft brands tier list. Guess what, he included Titan and we ended up on top together with our partner ZSHOT. Some of his quotes;

"This is an easy one, easy S! TITAN!"
"If you are not running the Titan batteries you are doing it wrong!"

We are so proud to get this feedback. Proud of our team, our products and your support making this happen. Thank you all!
Team Titan


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