Titan Airsoft goes global

Titan Airsoft goes global

In 2018 we explored and established in the US market. Since early 2019 we explored options internationally. We are happy to announce we made some great partners and friends globally. We're ready to revolutionise the Airsoft Industry.

We start with our new partner Redwolf Airsoft, after a great kick-off at IWA 2019 we can now officially welcome Redwolf as worldwide distributing partner, focussing on Asia, Russia and Europe. We are also partnering with Gunfire as our distributing partner for Eastern Europe. Also check some of our Titan Airsoft Dealers in Europe. 

We also started selling Titan batteries for the Gel Blasters in Australia via Titan Blasters. Also Chile and thus South America can soon enjoy our batteries via RED SPOT. 

We are humbled with all the support and partnerships around the globe! Thanks for your support all, we are very excited for the future together. We're ready to revolutionise the Airsoft Industry.

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