Titan Power Airsoft to Europe!

Titan Power Airsoft to Europe!

Anyone who follows us at Titan has probably noticed that we like to do things a little differently. We're an R&D company, not a sales and marketing company. We take pride in knowing that we have the best quality, most durable, safest battery in the airsoft market, while still giving ample amount of performance, and lots of capacity, in a battery that will last the player a very long time before needing to replace. It's this kind of product that begins to reach the players on a global level, and trust us Europe, we've heard you! Today, we're happy to announce the plan to bring Titan Power from us crazy Americans over to you, Europe!

Over the last month, we've been communicating with dealers on the EU side of the pond, introducing the strategy for our products, giving the preorder plan, and showcasing our core values and product innovation. Dealers have until September 1st to secure their first order, and if you're a dealer who hasn't been contacted by our international Titan Power Consultant, Ronald, please message him at ronald@gettitanpower.com, or view https://www.gettitanpower.com/pages/international-preorder.

But let's move on!

Dealers will be securing their orders from now until the end of August, which means that you'll be able to pick up the Titan packs you've long been waiting for (and harassing us on Instagram about). Soon, you'll start seeing your favorite Youtubers and Instagram influencers giving their reviews and thoughts about the Titan Power batteries. We're so excited to be able to do this!

For those reading this after getting a link from a friend, who may be unfamiliar with Titan, here are the advantages of a lithium ion battery over a lipo or nimh:

No Puff
Titan Power batteries will never puff and become unsafe like lipos will that have been either neglected or simply aged over time.

No Memory
Titan Power batteries can be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the battery. Even if your battery gets low and your device cannot cycle, the battery is still within is safe operating range and can be charged safely back to 100%.

2x-5x the Capacity
Titan Power batteries can store on average 2-5 times the energy of other airsoft batteries, keeping you in the game longer.

No Fade / Lasts Forever
Titan Power batteries can hold a charge for months and still be ready to use on game day. An extreme example is a pack used for testing, charged in 2012, which still holds 88% of its life in 2018. These packs can also be charged over 300 times and still store 80% of its original capacity.

Product claims sound too good to be true? Titan Power backs their US Arkansas based products with a 1 year warranty as long as the battery pack has not been modified.

Titan was started in 2015 to bring the most advanced Lithium Ion batteries and other power technologies to the world of commercial and hobby remote controlled aircraft and UAVs, and many other applications of high energy density cells. Titan Power’s Airsoft division formed in January of 2018 to provide a better alternative to airsoft nimh and lipo batteries. The staff play every weekend, and understand that players need a durable and quality form of power to keep them on the field, all the time.

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We'll see you soon, Europe!

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