Titan Power x Evike.com USA Update

Titan Power x Evike.com USA Update

We’re excited to announce that the Evike.com USA Exclusive Distribution Partnership is ready and in place. We’re so thankful to be working more with Evike.com as their featured battery brand, and want to let you know what this means. 

First of all, this decision was made to allow us and Evike.com to work together to get fantastic products to dealers and players in a more effective and more affordable way. 

Evike.com is set up to provide stores in the United States the same “Made in America” manufactured battery packs, with all the benefits of lithium ion and our newest, most powerful version 7 series. This series introduces more power and more capacity than any other li-ion airsoft battery alternative, all while being manufactured in the USA for extreme precision, quality, and consistency. 

MAP and dealer pricing is set by us, and Evike.com will follow all pricing guidelines given by us. By using the Evike.com distribution network, American stores can receive the same quality products easily and affordably. Also, both us and Evike.com are available for questions and warranty inquiries. 

We love working with Evike.com and we want to make sure every player, and every dealer, is exposed to our products. It’s our goal to introduce the Titan Power product line to as many places as possible. By doing this, we can focus on developing top-notch products while Evike.com focuses on the availability. 

We’re excited to be expanding our partnership with Evike.com, and can’t wait to see the items we pour so much passion and work into being sent to all kinds of new places.

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