Top 5 Reasons to Ditch LiPo and Go Li-Ion in Airsoft

Top 5 Reasons to Ditch LiPo and Go Li-Ion in Airsoft

Since Titan Power's introduction of American based, cost effective, and quality Lithium Ion batteries to airsoft, major companies and players have begun to adopt Lithium Ion worldwide. But why is this? Here are Top 3 reasons to switch to Li-Ion, and 2 more reasons why we feel the community has supported Titan Power over other competitors.

Let's begin!


#1 - No More Puff

Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries can puff, and when they do, it can be very dangerous. Let's quickly summarize why LiPos puff, and what to do about it, then we'll move into the Titan Power Li-Ion advantage.

Lithium batteries generate gas through electrolyte decomposition, which happens regardless of whether you take good care and precautionary use of your battery, or neglect it, like most of us airsofters do. Let's repeat that- puffing can happen even if you take perfect care of your lithium battery. The normal use of a pack will cause electrolyte decomposition organically, however high use, over-discharging, or packs heating can all accelerate this reaction.

The liquid inside the battery turns to a gas- it just happens. Players may be able to use packs for long periods of time with great care, however it's rare to have a lithium polymer airsoft pack that doesn't puff.

Can you fix a puffy battery? Don't, just don't.  Dispose of that pack the proper, legal way (Google it).

So what can you do?

Titan Power offers lithium-ion steel cell batteries for airsofters, which are the most durable and safest lithium battery for our beloved hobby. Our metal packs won't puff like the LiPo plastic counterparts as they don't form gas during normal or heavy use. Titan Power customers never have to worry about a puffy battery.

#2 - 100% to 0%, No Problem

LiPo batteries simply can't be run to 0%, if they're over-discharged, they're dead in almost all scenarios. People have boost charged them back to life, however the integrity of the battery at that point would be compromised as we don't ever recommend boost charging, charging the battery outside of it's recommended energy, or using any battery that's life has been compromised. This means that any airsofter has to be careful and listen for the performance to decline while playing, then IMMEDIATELY swap for a new battery.

Titan Power Li-Ion batteries will not suffer from the dreaded 0% scare. The cool thing about our packs is, even IF you were able to kill your battery during a single game day (good luck, more on that below), the battery would still be in its safe operating range. An airsoft device simply doesn't pull the battery to a true 0%, and shooting until it can shoot no more will not put your pack in an early grave like a LiPo. Titan Power customers never have to worry about killing a battery, they'll be just fine.

#3 - Increased Capacity

Our Lithium Ion packs come standard with 2600mAh, some reaching as high as 7000mAh. That's a big deal when your average airsoft pack is 1300mAh.

"Woah woah woah, I'm not a nerd and not sure what mAh is!"

Well, think of it like an automobile gas tank. Your vehicle has a certain amount of power, but it needs gas to make that power. mAh, or milliamps, is how much energy is being stored inside that battery pack. There's some math and equations to know it's true output based on the amount your device draws in a burst and steady state, however that's a different lesson for another day (or google it).

Back to the increased capacity.

Titan Power offers batteries at a comparable size to it's LiPo counterparts at an average of 2x-5x the capacity. Sure, you can find beefy LiPo batteries, but in almost every circumstance, a similarly priced and similarly sized LiPo battery will be beat by the Titan Power capacity.

What's even more interesting is that if you compared two identical capacity batteries, one LiPo and one Li-Ion, the Li-Ion would have a more usable range of mAh- the LiPo can't use all of it's storage as discussed above.

So, in summary, you get more storage, and more use of said storage.

#4 - American Based Experts, Internationally Backed

Titan was started in 2015 to bring the most advanced Lithium Ion batteries and other power technologies to the world of commercial and hobby remote controlled aircraft and UAVs, and many other applications of high energy density cells. Titan Power’s Airsoft division formed in January of 2018 to provide a better alternative to airsoft nimh and lipo batteries. The staff play every weekend, and understand that players need a durable and quality form of power to keep them on the field, all the time.

Titan Power is headquartered in Arkansas, USA. We've built UAV batteries for international customers for years, and have the experience to back our airsoft division. In fact, our airsoft batteries were created as a result of a finished contract with NASA, when we found that the construction of their packs very closely matched that of an airsoft pack.

#5 - Warrantied For 1 Year

Product claims sound too good to be true? Unlike many of the Asian brand or rebranded LiPos, we offer a 1 year warranty, as long as the battery pack has not been modified.


In Closing

We hope this blog has been both informational and valuable to you as a reader. This post was written with the perspective of comparing LiPo vs. Li-Ion, and of course we want you to know the advantages of our product. We encourage you to do your own additional research, or simply try one of our packs. We haven't had a single unsatisfied customer to date, and we'd love to have each and every one of you as a supporter, rocking one of the best batteries in existence for our beloved hobby of airsoft.


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