Update on Titan & Hobby Flight

Update on Titan & Hobby Flight

Quick Update
Titan is ending its hobby flight business as of November 5th, 2019. While hobby flight sales are growing, our other businesses (Airsoft and Commercial UAV) are growing faster and demanding more of our time. To stay lean and grow we've chosen to let hobby flight go. Titan will still produce flight packs under its UAV Program, pricing and availability here.

Longer Update
When I started Titan in 2015 it was a business experiment to see if long range hobby flight pilots would see the same value in Lithium Ion as I did - massive flight time improvements and much higher cycle counts. The first year sales results where pretty clear - people did want this technology on their aircraft and over the next 5 years Titan sold hobby flight packs to thousands of people in over 60 countries. 

During this time we launched two other business using the same technology - our Commercial UAV and Airsoft divisions. These have since grown much faster and have demanded most of our time and capital. As we come to the end of 2019 and look at our future, we need more capital and effort behind our larger and faster growing businesses and let our Hobby Flight program end. No jobs will be lost in this! Our Airsoft and Commercial UAV teams always need help and we've moved people and efforts accordingly. 

Titan owes its existence to Hobby Flight. It is a business and group of customers that are very close to my heart and personal interests. I will greatly miss hearing how our technology allowed people to break records and defy gravity.

o7 Hobby Flight, Titan OG.

- Trent Clawson

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