Valhalla's Keepers Team Sponsorship

Valhalla's Keepers Team Sponsorship

A special welcome to Valhalla's Keepers who have scored a major team sponsorship from Titan Power! Titan Power Batteries are widely accepted as some of the best available for sustained AEG use and a reliable power source for your HPA setups.

We are now widely available all over Australia via our partner Ausgel! We are exited to have to collaboration in place with team Valhalla in the GelBlaster world down-under. 

Valhalla's Keepers will also be supported by special access to products through Ausgel,, LayLax International and Titan Power.

Head over to their Instagram page and give them a follow/like.
Congratulations and welcome team Valhalla! 

We are proud to #poweryourgame!

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